3 Reasons You Should Be Invested In Dividend Stocks Right Now

If you’re still standing on the sidelines in cash at the moment, here are three good reasons that you should be invested in stocks right now.

  1. An investor’s choice of asset allocation is the single largest factor that will influence the probability of long-term success. Historical evidence suggests that cash investments return the least amount over the long run.
  2. There is significant upside potential in equities for long-term investors right now. Stock valuations are well below their highs and have a long way to go to be back in line with what we consider to be fair value.
  3. Sustained low interest rates and dramatic increases in money supply combined with increased deficits have many fearful of the inflationary impact once a true economic recovery takes hold.
    Money market investments, non-market linked CD’s and high interest savings accounts offer little protection against the wealth eroding effect of inflation.

That is not to say that there is no downside.  In fact, there is an inherent risk when investing in equities and there may, in fact, be another leg down.

However, I believe the risk vs. reward payoff  favors the astute dividend growth stock investor at this time.

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