A Simple Way to Reduce Your Heating Costs

There is a simple way of reducing the amount of fuel that you use, and once this has been done, your costs will fall. In fact you can reduce the cost by up to 40% of your current use. So what is this easy way of saving money? Simply replace your old boiler for a newer benefit and you’ll be financially better off in the long term. Also by changing your boiler you will also be protecting the environment by helping to reduce the total energy used worldwide. You could also be making your house safer by reducing the CO2 emissions in your immediate environment.

There are currently three main types of gas boiler in general use in the home today. Firstly there are the now obsolete back boilers. If you still have this type of boiler in your house then it is certainly time that you considered an upgrade. Not only is an upgrade necessary because of the amount of money being lost is taken into account, it’s also a vital consideration when the overall safety of your home is considered.

Current UK building codes state that these older types of boilers need to be replaced for safety reasons. Back boilers are placed at the back of the fireplace or room heater – the problem with this type of boiler is that they require an air vent to allow harmful fumes to escape from the room. Not only do these vents allow dangerous fumes to escape, but they also allow the valuable heat to escape: this type of boiler is only 60% efficient.

The next kind of boiler is the well-known combination boiler or combi boiler for short. Combi boilers activate on demand, which means that when they aren’t in use they switch off, saving energy and saving you money. Another advantage of this type of boiler is that they are fairly economical when it comes to space. They do not require water tanks or cylinders so they can be fitted into an airing cupboard or other small area within the home. Many flats or smaller living spaces have combi boilers installed.

Finally there is the regular or “heat only” boiler, which requires a separate water tank but which can offer greater output if you have large demands on both heat and hot water. These are best suited to large family homes.

Both combi and heat only boilers are available as condensing boilers. The condensing boiler is by far and away the best type of boiler for those wishing to save more, and help protect the environment. They work more efficiently by recapturing heat and then redistributing it throughout the house. Also, because they’re recapturing heat, it takes less fuel for them to heat up in future. All of this helps condensing boilers to be extremely effective – they are in fact 88% efficient. Of course there is a high initial cost for this type of boiler, but it is well worth the cost when future savings are considered. There are also fewer qualified condensing boiler experts around, although if your energy provider is one of the major providers, such as British Gas, then having a new boiler installed shouldn’t be a problem as they will get a CORGI registered engineer to install it for you. They can also provide annual boiler maintenance – take a look at their website for more.

So there you have it. The simplest way to reduce your energy bill and save money is to change your boiler. At first it may seem like rather an expensive solution but, when you consider the amount of money that you are going to save in the long run, it is certainly the best thing to do. Also, the newer boilers are more environmental friendly, and reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions dramatically. Finally, the new boilers are a lot safer and take up less space.

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