Another Possible Building for the Fitness Center

I am still waiting the official word on the finder’s fee, but in the mean time we have continued looking for bigger buildings in prime locations for the fitness center.
This building that we have located is on the main street in the city and would give us unbelievable exposure for the facility. It also has an additional 2000 square feet than the current facility, allowing for the expansion of services that we are planning.
The building is in need of cosmetic updates, roof repair and Heating/AC work, but the owner has been carrying the vacant building for several months now and has indicated that he may be interested in creative financing options.
To be completely honest, the building needs a lot of work and without creative financing, there is no way that we could facilitate the deal.

In other news, tonight may be the last chance for the Oilers, I am still sitting in cash in my trading account, and I am looking for more deals!
Best wishes to everyone!

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