Are Gas Appliance ‘Homecare’ Products Any Good?

There are several major gas companies offering maintenance and homecare for all manner of domestic energy appliances. Homecare is a kind of insurance policy that generally covers gas boilers and their control systems. This means that should any part of the boiler breakdown then someone will be sent around to fix it as soon as possible. The packages can usually be extended to cover other aspects of the house as well. Initially these ‘add-ons’ will cover things such as the radiators, hot water supply and pipe work. Once again if any of these break down then a qualified engineer will be on hand promptly to fix them. Other ‘add-ons’ will include extending the service to the plumbing and drains and, ultimately, to the household electrics as well.

If you choose a leading operator you will also be able to ensure that the work done is of the utmost quality, and that you get the best service on the market. As an example, EDF Energy provides a manned 24-hour homecare help desk with cover of up to £1500 per year, including parts labour & VAT.

Most of the major players in the market have also spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that all of their engineers are trained to the highest standards. They have also made sure that they have a correctly skilled workforce and that they have enough staff. For example, British Gas has 5,500 CORGI Registered Engineers ready to repair and issues relating to gas appliances within the home. On top of this they have 500 highly skilled electrical engineers and 1,000 plumbers.

A lot of the homecare and maintenance packages also have added benefits above and beyond simple repair. For example, British Gas gives homecare subscribers discount on the most cutting edge new boilers. This offer even extends to the new condensing boilers. This type of boiler can be fairly expensive to fit initially but save huge amounts in the long term. With the discount received from a homecare product the price of a condensing boiler is brought down to a much more affordable level. At present British Gas is offering a saving of £150 on a new top of line condensing boiler.

So if you are in the least bit concerned about any of your current household systems then something like British Gas homecare could be well worth considering. Of course there is a monthly premium, but these are often very reasonable, and will vary depending on the level of protection that you require. In the current market the premium will be somewhere between £9 and £25 per month. Of course, when compared to the huge cost of making repairs without a product like Homecare, the monthly charge is very reasonable.

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