Back from Vacation and Recharged

Well, I am back from my vacation safe and sound. I found many different ideas for investments in franchise operations and other businesses while I was away.
Here is one of the franchises that I found very intriguing. There products are fabulous and the market is available in my area.

Hunting for apartments in my area has become a daily routine for me and I have been coming up with leads in several different cities. My goal is to get my name out there as the person to contact when looking to sell large investment properties. Even though I am not an agent, I can legally provide a “Marketing Service” for Real Estate.

I did pass my second exam for the Canadian Securities Course and I am now taking and additional course called the Conduct and Practices Handbook which is required to become licensed as a securities broker in Canada. I am not sure if I will ever become licensed, but the market is growing and there are ample opportunities to work in the field as an independent contractor. This is important because time is the most valuable currency of all.

I am hoping to have some new updates that are more exciting coming down the line, but I am still hunting down a partner to invest in the aforementioned franchise with.

It is coming up to August and that means that I should be receiving my finders fee in the next couple of weeks. My plan is to turn around and invest this into the fitness facility.

Have a great day everyone!

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