Burger King Money Funny

I found this quote from an RBC Analyst on the fair treatment of animals by Burger King’s suppliers…it’s rather humorous:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been critical of the fast food giant in the past. “We certainly hope that people will order the BK Veggie Burger when they go into Burger King,” a PETA spokesman said. “But the fact that Burger King has made positive changes for some of the animals killed for its restaurants will send a ripple effect through the fast food industry and show other companies that animal welfare cannot be ignored.”

By the way, the Geneva Convention stipulates which kinds of bullets are permitted for war, but we digress…As for the stock? Many analysts have target in the mid- to high-$20’s, based on a strong long-term outlook in the U.S., as top line growth gets driven by modest same store sales growth, increased franchise royalty rate, and accelerated unit growth.

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