Calgary Alberta Real Estate Market

Well, I just got back from my long-weekend in time to see the Oilers lose the Stanley Cup in Game 7 to the Carolina Hurricanes. Needless to say, I am a little choked up.

I wasn’t able to locate any great deals over the weekend, but I did come across an interesting fact. A gentleman that I met at the wedding that I attended bought a house 2.5 years ago in Calgary, Alberta for $181,000. Looking to sell it, he just had it appraised at $357,000 and hasn’t put a dime of work into it. Here you thought California was the only ridiculous Real Estate Market.

Sorry to keep this post short, but I am writing the Canadian Securities Course Exam #1 on Wednesday (Equivalent to the Series 7 in the USA) and I have to get cracking with the studying.

Thanks for reading and I will try to post more frequently after Wednesday. Hopefully I will have some more good news!

Good luck and best wishes to everyone!

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