Canada Day Business Meeting…On the golf course!

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian Friends! Canada officially turns 139 years old today.

I am golfing with my potential partner for the franchise operation in about two hours. Hopefully he is still interested as I have prepared a pitch for him and gathered the necessary data that he requested.

I have also located another potential partner if this one doesn’t work out. This other guy is the president of the chamber of commerce and a very successful financial advisor in the city. Therefore, I am confident that he will have the business savvy and necessary financial means to participate in this venture.

We are still working on a new location for the fitness canter and I am hoping to get my finder’s fee money in early August.

I am bursting at the seams with motivation and the opportunities are coming slowly as I become more and more focused and driven toward my goal.

I hope everyone has a tremendous long weekend!

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