Random investment news

A Dividend Investor’s Notes

If you want to check out actual dividend investing in action. The Dividend Guy Blog has just posted his actual dividends received from the stocks he owns and what month he received them in. It is a good example of how dividends can replace monthly income over time. On another note, I have not been posting frequently due to some huge issues that I am having with Blogger. I am

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Top 10 Rated Dividend Payers

As we continue our discussion about the importance of dividends and dividend growth, Investors Business Daily has recently provided a list of their Top Ten Rated Dividend Paying Stocks. Few of these are candidates for Mergents’s Dividend Achievers, simply due to the lack of dividend payment history. However, we should not discount them because all of the companies that are dividend achievers now had to pay their first dividend sometime.

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Dividend Investing-Part 1

This is the first installment of the Dividend and Income Investing Series. Today’s article will focus on the dividend growth model of investing. The idea behind the dividend growth model of investing is to buy solid, reasonably priced companies with a track record of raising their dividend year after year. This model is thought to be prudent due to the fact that the incremental increases in the dividend rate will

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