Book Review: Guide to Financial Independence – Simple Solutions for Busy People

I just finished reading an older book written by Charles Schwab called Guide to Financial Independence: Simple Solutions for Busy People. (aff) While the book is a bit dated, originally published in 2000 and then revised in 2004. It does provide some basic tenets of personal finance and investing that many investors will still appreciate. My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 4 which discusses investment in individual stocks.  In

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Dividend Growth Model

The Dividend Growth Model, also known as the Gordon Model, is a fundamental analysis methodology for determining the value of a stock or business. This model is used as a strategy for investment based on the dividend yield. It values a company based on the dividends currently paid as well as the pattern of dividend growth that the company has displayed over time.  Although not all investors are comfortable with this

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How to Calculate Average Dividend Yield

Dividend Stock research

What We Have Learned So Far It is very important when investing to not only evaluate a company against others in its sector or industry, but also against itself. In previous articles, we have discussed the dividend payout ratio, free cash flow, Z-Score and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). All of these metrics are used as a way to evaluate stocks against their peer group, but also against themselves at

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