Dividends To The Rescue!

The Dividend Guy Blog has a great post on why we like dividends, and why we need days like today in the market.

For those of us accumulating assets (ie. Dividend Paying Stocks) today allows us to back up the truck on some of our favorite dividend payers at some nice prices!

Take a look at these beauties on my watchlist:

Petro China (PTR) – Down over 6%. It sucked to have China in your name today, but long term prospects for this company are sweet!

P&G – an old faithful dividend payer oversold to the tune of almost 5% today.

Johnson and Johnson – only down about 2%, but a good dip to buy.

Scotiabank (BNS) – My favorite Canadian bank stock down 2.55%.

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRE) – My favorite REIT, is also back near my $40.00 buying target, down about 3.15% today.

Bank of America (BAC) – Down over 3.75%, but trading slightly higher after hours. A whopping yield on this dividend payer!

Southern Peru Copper (PCU) – Back up the truck!  Down almost 7.0% today and Buffett owns this bad boy with a HUGE dividend.  This one is almost a gift under $68.00.

What’s on your watch list?


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