Don’t Believe Everything You Read!

This morning as I logged into Yahoo Finance for my daily scan of some of my stocks and ETF’s, I noticed something that shocked me.

As you can see in the attached image, I check the status of several of the stocks that I have mentioned on Dividend Money. In addition, I hold the ETF ADRD in my Roth IRA.

ADRD is an international ETF of large cap, mostly dividend paying, foreign stocks and as such will move slowly with the market trends and is not a volatile holding.

Due to the relative size of my Roth IRA portfolio, it was prudent for me to hold this ETF to gain exposure to international stocks that mostly fit my dividend growth strategy.

I begin my quick scan by looking at the percentage gain or loss and then move to the price and eventually take a look at the charts. Low and behold, I thought that I had hit the jackpot!

I hold a relatively large amount of ADRD compared to other individual positions in the Roth IRA and with my quick view of the percentage gain this morning, I was elated…until I read the price of $31.70. ADRD would not have a price of $31.70 if it had jumped 24.07%.

ADRD Due Diligence from Yahoo Finance Mistake
So What Happened?For some reason Yahoo Finance had a closing price for ADRD yesterday of $25.55 on the summary page, but $31.55 on the historical prices page.

As far as I can tell, ADRD hasn’t actually been at $25.55 since July of 2006.

The Lesson

Always double check your numbers and do a thorough amount of due diligence, unless you don’t want to make money in stocks!

Update: Yahoo has fixed the glitch!

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