Finders Fee Materializing?

Since I haven’t been around since last Thursday, many of you probably think that I stopped my investment journey. More likely the three people that read this on a regular basis just thought I really wasn’t into this investing journey to begin with.

Nevertheless, I am back!

I spent some time out of town this past weekend and when I returned I had e-mails coming out the Hoo-Ha. One of them did happen to be important because it was from the investment group that I set up with a 12-Unit apartment deal. If you recall the “finder’s fee” post you will know what I am talking about.

Anyway, it appears that they have struck an agreement with the owner on this building. Now, before you guys get all crazy on me the deal hasn’t been finalized yet. I guess I will believe it when I see it! It is kind of exciting when you think about making a couple thousand bucks from literally nothing, but the money isn’t in my hand just yet.

As you know, I am planning on using my “finders fee” money (if it materializes) to invest in a fitness club. I have just talked to the owner of the fitness club and we are looking at relocating to a larger space in a better location as per a previous post. He is going to look at the building tonight with a local contractor. We need an estimate as to the amount of work that will be needed to refurbish the building.

Other than that, the student loans are due, I am in cash in my trading account, and the Edmonton Oilers lost the first game of the Stanley Cup finals after being up 3-0…what a horrible beginning to the month!

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