First Rent Check…New Market Rally

Well, the golf game was OK, but the potential partner wasn’t interested in the franchise idea. He may be interested in some potential Real Estate deals in the New Year, but he mentioned that he has other commitments until then. The good thing is that he liked my pitch and he indicated that he would like to do “something” later on.

I am off to speak to another potential investor for the franchise operation later this week. Right now I am noticing that the market has confirmed a new rally as of last Thursday and I will be looking for new market leaders when I get a chance to do some research. Preliminary screens point toward FMCN, a Chinese advertising company called Focus Media as a potential leader. Hopefully I will post more on this company in the near future.

My main point of focus right now is studying to pass Exam II of the Canadian Securities Course, which I write tomorrow…YIKES!

I will be depositing my first rent check from the duplex tomorrow. I also received post dated checks from the tenants until the end of the year. That makes me feel a little better about this investment, unless they bounce.

Have a great 4th of July and best of luck in all of your investments!

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