Good Financial Advice

I am in the midst of researching a few things and also finishing up the sale of a condo that I flipped (good story), so the writing will be forthcoming.

In the mean time, I found this article by Laura Rowley that offers some decent advice.  I normally don’t like the content on Yahoo Finance, but this one contained the following quote that I was impressed by:

Envy is useless, because the good life another ant appears to be enjoying may be just that — an appearance, concealing a mountain of debt and stress.

“Stop comparing yourself to your neighbor and your friend and get down to your core values and execute on them,” advises Farrell. “The happiest people I meet measure themselves against their own objectives.”

Bottom line: If you’re a saver, the way the government is handling the mortgage crisis may change the way you vote. It shouldn’t change the way you manage your money.

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