Hindsight Is $29.20

Like every other investor, I am sure, I sometimes have a hard time pulling the trigger when buying on the dips…and this time was no different.

I knew that buying more of my favorite REIT, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRE) below $30.00 was a great deal.  However, I couldn’t get my liquid cash together in time to pull the trigger this morning at ~ $29.20.

You see, today is a holiday in parts of Canada, including where I live.  Now, I am not making excuses because I could have transferred the money online with one of my online brokerage accounts.  However, I got caught up with family during the long weekend and was not decisive enough last week to prepare my funds for buying opportunities when the markets corrected.

I would like to invite you all to join me in kicking my own A$$ today as WRE traded up over 4.5% knowing full well that I missed the boat completely.

Mark my words.

I will be buying in lock stock and barrel should Washington Real Estate Investment Trust dip below $30.00 USD again.

Today’s Chart…Sigh.

WRE Daily Chart

I do own shares of WRE.

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