Hot Topics Coming Up

As you know, I have been busy with several projects. Most of which are turning out to be fruitless. However, the time has come for the review of my strategies!

I plan on reviewing each of my strategies in a seperate article that will be posted sometime within the next week.

Please look out for the following strategy reviews. Hopefully some of them will be able to help you decide which strategies are right for you.

1.) Dividend and Income Investing vs. Technical Analysis
-Are they mutually exclusive, or can they be combined for big profits?

2.) Real estate investing in a “Bubble” market with rising interest rates.
– Where are the profits and can I make them?
– Should I pay down my mortgage or invest in another property?

3.) College Student Loan Debt.
– How can I tackle the beast?
– Should I consolidate my loans or use cash to eliminate the debt?

Stay tuned my friends…it will be a bumpy ride!

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