Interesting day for my stocks!

I just about had a heart attack this morning as EZM announced that their first quarter earnings per share dropped. The bottom fell out of the stock as it traded down to $2.66 (My buy price). Although earnings per share declined, the company retired a pile of debt and has retained a mountain of cash for operations. Additionally, the price of copper has increased substantially since the end of the first quarter which should increase their profits.
The share price has traded back up in after hours. It will be interesting to see how the stock reacts tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning, Taskeo Mines(TGB) reports their financials tomorrow morning. I am expecting big things from TGB, but then again I was expecting the same from EZM…I guess we will see. Taskeo traded down over 4% today, but has traded back up in after hours as well. I could be in for a ride again tomorrow.

Norex Explorations (NRX.V) dropped over 6% today but held support and closed at $2.81 CDN. I am still showing a hefty profit and tried to add to my position at $2.80 but my order did not get filled. Maybe it was meant to be. I will be watching this one closely tomorrow.

On the Real Estate front, the furnaces in the duplex are getting inspected tomorrow at 8:00 AM. If all goes according to plan I should have this deal locked up by tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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