inVentiv Health – Winning Investment Without Lawsuits?

I just read an article from Smart Money on a small pharmaceutical marketing company called inVentiv Health Inc. and I was pleasantly surprised with the investment potential of this stock.

More than the financial performance of the company, I was in enamored by the structure of the organization. You see, inVentiv Health operates in three distinct segments: inVentiv Clinical, inVentiv Communications, and inVentiv Commercial.

The inVentiv Clinical segment engages in clinical staffing and recruiting of clinical personnel for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. This segment also provides data management and statistical analysis services, and executive placement services.

The inVentiv Communications segment provides various advertising, communications, patient adherence programs, and other functionally-related services. It also provides medical education, branding consultation, interactive communication development, and consulting and contract marketing services.

The inVentiv Commercial segment provides outsourced product commercialization programs for prescription pharmaceutical and other life sciences products; develops and implements data analysis and research technologies to support client decision making and licenses software solutions for the implementation of compliance strategies.

You see, pharmaceutical companies are the prime targets for law suits nowadays, but they also have the favorable aging demographic that will undoubtedly need there services more and more as the population continues to age. This is why I like pharmaceuticals as investments for the future.

Inventiv has all the upside investment of the Pharmaceutical companies because they market the drugs, source the employees, and brand the drugs/companies. They also limit the downside because they should not be the target of any litigation and they work with a variety of drug companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) and Watson Pharmaceuticals (WPI) as well as a host of upstart pharmaceutical companies. This effectively maintains the upside of a profiting from a breakthrough drug from a variety of campanies, while decreases overall risk through diversification.

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*NOTE: Please do your own due diligence; I am not responsible for your investments!

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