Investment Exam and More Duplex Investing

I will be spending the majority of the weekend studying for the Conduct and Practices Handbook Exam, but I also have another investment idea in mind.
I am going to be looking at another duplex to go along with my first one.

To be totally honest, my hopes were dashed quite substantially when I found out that my finders fee wouldn’t be materializing. I really hoped that I could find a way to salvage that deal by finding another buyer or better yet, convincing the seller to hold a note for the down payment.

Maybe I should look into an alternative form of financing for these deals such as using secured loans like those used to finance home may be the best and cheapest route.

It has been very hard to get motivated again and I have vowed that I will at least make an offer on a property this weekend. I will be looking a duplex in the city where my in-laws live and where I travel to quite frequently (Gas would become a tax deduction!). It should cashflow positive and all of the utilities are separate and the responsibility of the tenant; which is another bonus.

Have a great long weekend and be safe!

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