John Chow, Where’s Your Money?

Popular internet blogger, John Chow of Richmond, BC Canada recently posted on the Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP).  The two posts were pretty much on the mark, but this dot com mogul who is known for making money has left us with more questions that answers!

John Chow- Where do you invest your RRSP contribtion money?

Contributing to a Registered Savings Plan and getting the tax benefits that come along with that is great, but you are still left with the problem of investing those contributions.

Of course each individual will be different based on time horizon, risk tolerance, financial goals and so forth. 

However, inquiring minds would like to know where John Chow invests his RRSP dollars?

No, I’m not looking for hot tips or stock picks, a simple asset allocation would be fine. I just want to know if Mr. Chow is a risk taker or a conservative investor.  What are his goals for his RRSP dollars?  I think he left us hanging!

His blog is a very interesting read, outlining his fascination for and success in internet business and his enjoyment of fine dining in the Vancouver B.C. area.

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