Mentor Meeting About Business and Investing

I had my lunch meeting with my potential investment/business mentor yesterday and everything went fairly well.

Although he was not interested in the franchise operation that I had presented, he did offer me some great advice and tips. He also offered me a job! Now, I didn’t get into the details of the position because I am not sure if I am interested or not. As you know from reading this blog, I am not that interested in a regular 9-5 J-O-B. I want to build a business…period.

The reason that he was not interested in my franchise opportunity is that he is expanding his self-storage business and will be busy with that along with his current investment advisory business. This is totally understandable and I hope to be in that position one day.

To summarize, he noted that I think a lot like him and he told me to keep him informed of any other opportunities that I may come across down the road. He also requested that I think about his job offer and get back to him.

I am still thinking.

On another note, the markets are up substantially again today. With all of the mixed signals of late, I am wondering if the bulls are back for real? Could this be the beginning of a rally? Chris at Market Stock Watch as a very good analysis that you can read here.

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