More Studying About Investing!


I hope that everyone’s weekend went well. Mine was pretty good; my softball team won the league championship tournament on Saturday. I guess that isn’t too much to brag about on a blog, but it was cool.

I also started studying for the Conduct and Practices Handbook Exam (CPH). As you know, I recently completed the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) as part of the requirements of becoming a licensed Investment Advisor. While the CSC dealt mainly with the topics relating to the actual investments themselves, the CPH outlines the Regulatory Environment, Dealing With Client Accounts, and Special Transactions and Products. It is basically the compliance side of the requirement to become a licensed Investment Advisor in Canada.

As I stated in a previous post, I am not sure that I will ever become an advisor, but the material is useful for my personal investments nevertheless.

If my posts to this blog become erratic or start to deal with regulatory issues of investing, please forgive me as I tend to submerse myself in the topic at hand. I will write this exam on September 6, 2006…not too far away!

In early trading this morning, the US Markets are up fairly substantially. Some analysis of this market movement can be found here, here, and here!

Have an awesome day!

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