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This week I am going to start a new feature by linking out to other blog posts and news articles that I have found interesting or helpful.

Here are some of the articles that I thought were “On The Money”!

Noah over at okdork.com has a great formula: Earning>Spending=Happiness.

Trader Mike gives us a great Technical Analysis of Today’s Markets.

All Financial Matters answers a reader question about Calculating Total Returns.

Seeking Alpha breaks down the McDonald’s Q4 Earnings Call.

Zen Personal finance is writing a HUGE series on How to Think Like Warren Buffett.

Move The Markets explains the TICK indicator.

China is trying to narrow their wealth gap by cutting taxes on the poor.

Free Money Finance explains why he uses a CPA to do his taxes.

Empty Nest gives us some important dates for Retirement Planning.

Hedge Fund Reader delivers the Top 25 Most Intriguing Hedge Funds.

Associated Content talks about saving too much for retirement.

David Back shows us Five Gifts That Teach Kids About Money.

Residential housing values have doubled in the last 25 Years.

Smart Money shows us why being debt free might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

If you have any more great links, please send them my way!


  1. Noah,
    You are welcome for the link.
    Sorry about the wasted net time!
    I hope to see you back here soon,

  2. Nice set of links (especially the one that points to me!). I was immediately addicted to that Warren Buffet series. Once I started, I had to read them all.

  3. Richard,
    You are welcome for the link. I am always happy to link up to valuable content that can help the readers of Dividend Money make more money!
    By the way, the Buffett series is pretty darn good!

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