Out of town Real Estate

I talked to the Lawyer today about closing on the duplex. I will talk to the owner tonight to smooth over the details (Damage deposits, leases etc.)of the deal before I meet with the lawyer again on Wednesday.

I will be viewing the 12-unit and two tri-plexes in the same city this weekend. I am trying to coordinate the viewings and arrange for a partner to be there for the 12-unit. He knows more about construction than I do, so using his expertise is in our best interest.

I have my eye on a duplex near the one that I just purchased. It is the only other duplex in the vicinity and has been seriously neglected relative to the surrounding houses. It is the eyesore of the neighborhood but is always rented. The rents are below market and the building is in need of some cosmetic repairs and serious landscaping. I have found the name of the owner and I am going to see if he is interested in selling. I also know the previous owner and what he sold it for, which I think gives me an advantage for negotiations. Wish me luck!

I am still speaking with the owner of the fitness club and he is waiting to hear another offer before pursuing mine. I am confident that my offer is valuable to both of us and I am hoping that the other offer falls through.

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