Start Buying Dividend Stocks Now!

Here is why you must start buying dividend paying stocks now!

It has long been a strategy of mine to invest in high quality Dividend Growth Stocks as a  for retirement and I’m about to show you why you should do the same!

The beauty about this strategy is that it is not rocket science and that everyone can understand the basic principles behind it. I’m not promoting trickery or complex technical mumbo jumbo, just good old fashioned common sense with a side of logic.

The Stock Market Crash Scare Tactic

I’m sure that we have all heard that the baby boomer generation is aging and entering into retirement. We have also been told that all of these individuals are going to make a mass exit out of the stock market, causing the greatest stock market crash that we have ever known.

Some so called “Gurus” have suggested that the aging demographic is going to cause havoc with the markets by selling all of their stocks to fund their retirement.

Is This Possible?

In theory, the outlined scenario could be possible if all of the baby boomer’s withdrew their money from the stock market at the same time. But, as we know, the boomer generation lasts for a couple of decades…they were not all born in the same year! And even if they were, not everyone can or will remove their equity from the markets at the same time.
Therefore, we can clearly see that this scenario is highly unlikely.

But Aren’t All of The Baby Boomers Going to Buy Bonds?

While conventional wisdom dictates that fixed income (bonds) should comprise a larger portion of ones portfolio as they near retirement, it might not be as simple as black and white these days.

For instance, as time goes by the life expectancy of retirees becomes longer and longer. This means that a retiree will need to make their nest egg last for several more years than they my have previously thought.

Therefore, the retiree will need to take on additional risk in order receive higher returns in order to ensure that they do not deplete their principal prior to death. Taking on more risk means investing in more equities (stocks) gaining capital growth in their portfolio to fund a longer retirement.

So Why Should I Buy Dividend Paying Stocks?

The reason we must invest in dividend paying stocks now is because they will be the investment of choice to fund the retirement of Baby Boomers.

You see, dividend paying stocks have the potential for both capital gain and income production. Not only that, these investors will be looking for stocks that have a track record of increasing dividends…giving them yet another hedge against inflation. This combination, as explained earlier, will be necessary to fund the lengthening retirement that comes with a greater life expectancy.

If we combine this factor with today’s low interest rate environment, we can see that fixed income instruments (with the exception of TIPS) such as bonds and CD’s provide little, if any, protection against inflation.

Factor that in with the fact that historically, dividend paying stocks have outperformed non-dividend paying stocks.

So what do I do now?

In order to provide potential capital growth, income, and protection against the erosion of purchasing power, we must buy the best dividend growth stocks and hold them for a very long time. Read How To Choose Dividend Growth Stocks.

Even if you are young, the generation of retirees that are looking for this 3-part combination of shareholder yield to fund their retirement will start to accumulate shares in high quality, dividend growing, blue chip companies in order to fund a long retirement and help to hedge against inflation.

The accumulation of these stocks will, of course, drive up the share price which means big profits for you!

The Closing

You see, it doesn’t take rocket science to see what is going on. I’m certainly not leading the charge with this idea.

Get out there and search for some great companies that grow their dividends year after year. You won’t get rich overnight, but the strategy works.

Remember to always do your due diligence and as Charles Kirk reminded me, don’t buy a stock just for the dividend!

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