Switching Providers

Every adult could cut down on their spending somehow. Almost everyone’s guilty of overspending on themselves at some point, be it through new clothes, weekend activities, or an expensive holiday. However, it’s not just on leisure time where people are guilty of the most wastage. In fact, some of the most significant and incomprehensible waste comes through not shopping for financial products thoroughly. People often agree to loans through their bank, often which could be cheaper elsewhere, while many people take the first insurance policy they see just to be done with the whole boring procedure of shopping for it. But saving money is not boring, especially when it’s potentially hundreds of pounds a year.

Car Insurance

Like many things, your car insurance renewal appears at a time of the year when you need it the least. If you’re really unfortunate, then it will come at the same time that you’ll also need to pay out for your car tax and M.O.T. It’s common for many people to stay with the same insurer year on year because they think they’re getting the best deal, they don’t want to take time to shop for another, or because of customer loyalty. All of these reasons are really quite absurd when you think of the potential money saved by switching insurer. If you’re thinking of sticking to a brand out of loyalty, and you’ve never made a claim, just think – what have they ever given me? If your insurance renewal date is coming up, then take a look at ASDA Finance car insurance quotes from a panel of insurers. Co-operative insurance is also a great site to check for affordable car insurance.

Bank Account

A lot of banks give risible rates for AER on their bank accounts. Worse still, they then charge for the privilege of having an overdraft facility. Banks get away with this kind of poor service because few people want to go through the apparent effort of switching bank. However, all it now takes is a ten minute internet form with Alliance and Leicester, and you’ll get the best of the bank accounts on the market. It has a 0% overdraft facility of up to £2,500 for 12 months upon opening the account, along with an 8.5% AER on balances up to £2,500. This could either make or save you hundreds of pounds a year, and they take care of switching all of your direct debits and standing orders.
Rates correct at the time writing (20/03/08).

Gas and Electricity

Switching gas and electricity may seem like a big job, but thanks to comparison websites such as Simply Switch it’s really not that difficult. By following easily filled forms, it can just take minutes. Before you do this, however, it’s well worth checking on a provider’s customer service, and if they provide discounts for account holders or other services. British Gas has a good homecare service that can take care of your boiler and drains for a low fee every month.

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