Tired, Tested, and Through!

Well, last week proved to be limited in its fruitfulness. I ended up not putting an offer in on the duplex that I visited. It was vacant and needed some work that I wasn’t ready to put in at the price that they were asking. I also found out that the property has had three owners in the past three years…something about that seems fishy to me.

I did decide this week that I was going to pick up the paperwork to run for city council this fall. I have the paperwork in my office and it is all filled out and ready to go. I do, however, need the approval of my boss as it will take time out of my “working” schedule. This doesn’t really fit into my wealth building plan, but I need to take a leadership position in the development of the community in order for good things to happen. I have decided that I need to take action to make things happen and not wait for others to do it for me. Not to mention that this is a good way to hob-nob with the elite in the area.

Hopefully my boss will give it the thumbs-up and allow me to run for office as it should create publicity for my organization as well.

The Conduct and Practices test went well and I am looking forward to receiving my score in a couple of weeks. The material was dry and difficult to immerse myself in, so I hope that I faired well.

I am extremely psyched that the NHL is starting soon and I can’t wait to watch Hockey Night In Canada. If you are interested in NHL Hockey, you should check out this cool hockey blog.

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