Travel Insurance for that “Special Day”!

Here comes the bride – but is she insured? Travel insurance for that “special day”

Getting married abroad is becoming ever more popular. With the cost of weddings in the UK reaching an all time high, it can be a cheaper option and in many cases more spectacular. However, when you are making all of the arrangements there is one thing that you should certainly not forget – comprehensive travel insurance. Many online travel insurers are now offering cover aimed specifically at those planning a wedding in a different country.

So what can you expect from wedding travel insurance? You will normally receive all of the things that you can expect from standard travel insurance, plus additional extras tailored to help financially should your wedding suffer some unforeseeable set backs. Obviously what is covered varies from provider to provider and so it can be helpful to visit a travel insurance comparison site, such as, in order to see what is on offer.

The standard cover will insure you against any eventuality on your holiday. For example most insurers cover you for Medical Care, so if you end up in hospital you can claim back the cost of treatments and operations. What’s more larger travel companies, such as Go Travel, provide a 24/7 emergency helpline on which you can make claims and also get advice when you take out their travel insurance.

One top of this there is payouts for lost, or stolen, luggage; flight cancellations; holiday cancellations due to personal illness; and so forth. There will also be a one-off cash payment should you have an accident and end up with a long-term disability. The amount that you receive depends on the severity of the injury and your age. What’s more, in the unlike event of an accident leading to death, there will be a lump sum paid to your next of kin.

The first thing that wedding travel insurance provides, above and beyond the standard cover, is loss or theft of items crucial to your wedding. This should cover the rings and clothes, such as the all-important wedding dress. However, it also covers other items that you will receive during the event such as wedding gifts and those irreplaceable wedding photographs and videos. As an example, AA Travel provides specialist travel insurance cover of up to £250 for rings, £1000 for gifts and £1000 for wedding related attire.

Another added benefit is that some companies will pay to hire a new photographer should the one that you have arrange not turn up on your special day. What’s more this is designed to cover all eventualities. For example if the photographer is ill, or injured, then you will be covered. Many polices also provide cover should the photographer be unable to attend due to unforeseen transport problems. So if they’re held up on your all-important day you should be able to book a new photographer and still capture all of those special moments. With this type of cover you will have to pay the fees and then reclaim the amount at a later date, so it may be a good idea to have some extra cash on standby in case of emergencies.

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