Whose House Is It Anyway?

America has made so much of the recent housing bubble and frankly I think we are all pretty tired of hearing about it. There have been speculators for years telling us that the bubble is about to burst…etc.

I have recently provided you with research that proves that the housing market is softening. If you need more information on that subject, just check any website or local newspaper and you will find every “Average Joe” throwing in his two cents.

Well, this is my couple of pennies on the subject.
I have only started speaking of the housing bubble bursting in recent days when the facts have shown us that the market is softening. I have made no predictions and I have no official position, but this article has got me stirred up!

It appears as though America’s top executives are turning to their companies to bail them out of their high priced houses by negotiating for a guaranteed price for their home(s).

In my opinion this is a bunch of nonsense. Why should shareholders be responsible for the potential decline of an executive’s house value? I know that there are several undisclosed “perks” that top executives get from companies, but this is outrageous.

What’s next?

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