Last Updated: January 2020.

Hey, glad you could join me here!
Believe it or not, this Blog is 13 years old now… Time flies 🙂

I am a mid-life father and husband who climbed out from under more than $40,000 in student loan debt in less than three years. I frown upon consumer debt and currently have no debt.
*Paid off mortgage March 16, 2012.

I utilize Credit Cards and I believe that they can be excellent tools for managing cash flow and earning excellent rewards. However, it is important to diligently pay the full balance each month.

I am currently on track to replace my earned income with income from a portfolio of index funds and a select few (3) common shares in high-quality public companies with a record of increasing their dividends at a greater rate than inflation. The goal is to have a sustainable and growing stream of income from this portfolio to fund an *early* retirement!

Why do I want to retire early?

Would I rather listen to another ‘kool-aid laced’ senior management quarterly update or a talented musician? Do I want to watch another vendor dog’n’pony show or a well crafted play? Would I rather write a business case or a share my experiences on this blog?  Would I prefer to walk up flights of stairs to my office, or would I rather hike up a mountain? Do I want to eat at the cafeteria on the run, or take my time to craft something tasty and nutritious? Should I look forward to another business trip alone where the chief sites are airports and meeting rooms, or a spontaneous camping trip with my kids?
More importantly;  would I rather spend my time with co-workers and clients or with family and friends?

This site will examine ideas surrounding earning, saving and investing money that has served me well and will take me to my ultimate goal.  I’d love for you to join me!

I’m always interested in your ideas, so feel free to leave comments or share your thoughts via the contact page.

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