How To Eliminate Debt With One Move

We have made a couple of really savvy real estate deals that have made us more money over the past two years than our respective salaries. This, along with minimizing our expenses has put us in a comfortable position with no consumer debt and an increasing net worth.

Because our only debt is our mortgage, I have been toying with the idea of selling our house and moving to a less expensive location whereby we can purchase a similar home and be completely debt free.

In my mind this makes a lot of sense, here’s why:

  • We would not be enslaved at jobs that we may not enjoy because we need to make a mortgage payment.
  • We could plow a lot of money into other investments at the age of 29, with a long time horizon to watch it compound.
  • We could spend money on travel and experiences that produce life-long memories, which is more valuable to me than “stuff”.
  • We could choose to take extended “vacations” from our jobs to spend with our new child and extended family.


  • We both have Master’s degrees and are highly employable in any location. Even in a remote location, we could easily make ends meet by telecommuting or freelancing.
  • Our city is freakin’ cold in the winter – what is the advantage to that?
  • We would be further from extended family, but with the added freedom of not having a mortgage, visiting would be less taxing on the pocketbook. (To be honest, we see our extended family only slightly more than when we previously lived much further away)
  • Real estate values are bound to cool at least slightly as evidenced by the “trendy” markets in the United States and Canada. I’m not calling a top to the housing market in my city, but I’m not greedy either – freedom is very tempting.

Making a move to a slightly smaller city less than three hours rive from our current location, with good job prospects for the both of us could set us completely debt free under 30 years of age.  Most importantly, it would do so while living the same lifestyle that we are accustomed to. This is something that I find very tempting. (The winter would be just as cold though)

Of course it was seriously bad timing on my part to bring this up due to the pending birth of our first child. However, it has been eating at me ever since we did our annual budget in January and I realized the possibility.

Complete freedom from debt is a huge goal of mine; but is this the right way to achieve it?