Investing News and Notes

It’s not very often that I highlight other work on dividend investing, but given the choppy markets, I felt that it was necessary for you to hear some other voices on investing.

Here are some recent articles that you will enjoy.

Fat Pitch Financials asks value investors what their “Margin Of Safety” is?

A nice analysis of Bank Of America (BAC) has been put together over at Dividends Matter.

The Festival of Stocks is up at Market Prognosticator. The festival always has a lot of useful investing information and tips. Please take some time to check it out and read the posts with an open mind. I usually learn a little something each time I visit.

Fat Pitch Financials outlines some of the biggest losers of the recent stock market panic.

Charles Kirk shows us some great tools to help monitor news and fgure out what is happening with our stocks almost in real time. He also outlines the 3 Reasons Why Stocks Fall.

The Simple Dollar talks about tying investment risk to your goals and how it is never good to be shortsighted in choppy markets like these.

Investopedia chimes in with another list of why stocks slide. Check out these 5 reasons and see if you agree with them.

Find out which is better, Index funds or ETF’s!

Find out how to retire the easy way from the Fool.

The Dividend Guy shows us what the best Dividend Funds are holding.

I hope that you enjoy these articles and can learn something to apply to your own investing strategy.

Remember to formulate your own opinions and develop an investing strategy that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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