Real Estate Investing for me?

So here I am on Sunday night. I had the duplex inspected by a contractor yesterday and everything turned out fine. I spoke with one of the tenants and she and her husband are planning on staying for quite a while, so that is a plus. The building is actually in really great shape and in a terrific neighborhood. I am going to get the furnaces checked out before we finalize the deal, just to be sure.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to post sometime soon. It looks to be a very solid investment property.

This is my first step in Real Estate Investing and I believe that it will serve me well to start with a duplex. I especially believe that this one is right for me because it produces monthly cashflow at the purchase price and all of the utilities are paid by the tenants.

I am meeting with my investment club (Stocks) tomorrow night. We are going to be discussing the purchase of (EZM) Eurozinc, a Canadian based mining company that operates in Portugal. They have been posting awesome numbers recently and the stock is performing well as a low-priced market leader.

Have a great day!

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