Victory Lap Retirement – 2nd Edition

The original version of Victory Lap Retirement was published back in 2016, but Cheverau and Drak were back with a second edition in 2019. For the second edition, they added Rob Morrison to the mix as an additional co-author. The addition of an American based Chartered Financial Planner added some international credibility to the book. Of course, it will also allow it to serve a much larger market than the

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How Do You Define Retirement?

Retirement Definition

One thing that becomes astoundingly obvious if you study personal finance with a goal of retiring early, is that there are a vast number of opinions on the definition of retirement. Isn’t the internet great! 🙂 This shouldn’t surprise us too much because, Personal Finance is, well… personal. There are those that wish to retire to an extravagant lifestyle with lots of international travel, fine wines and antiques and those

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Saving Too Much For Retirement?

I recently came across an old article from the New York Times that offers us a view of retirement planning that we don’t often hear…are we saving too much? According to them, the financial industry, with its ostensibly objective online calculators, overstates how much money someone will need in retirement. Some, in fact, contend that financial firms have a pointed interest in persuading people to save much more than they need

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